Mid Year Goal Check-in

We're at mid-year. Do you know where your goals are? If you are clear on your progress, congratulations! If, like the other 99% of us, you could use a bit more clarity, I have a great mid-year check-in workshop for you.

 Are You Facing Any of These B.S. Challenges?

  • Busy Syndrome. You’ve got so much going on, you can’t lift your head for a moment or all the plates will fall.   You are on the edge of burn-out: Your current work keeps taking so much of your time, you don’t know how to even begin to put energy into your strategy or new ideas.  Are you numbing out after work?  Wasting time? 
  • Bubble Status. What are you pretending not to know? You would rather avoid looking at metrics. Wait, what metrics?  Because of this you suffer from self-doubt:  Some days you feel confident, others you lack the faith in yourself, in your abilities and actions.  Because of this, you are indecisive, unhappy, stuck in status quo. And your business is lagging.
  • Blank Stare. Unclear is unkind – and unsuccessful. You think you know what you’d like to do, but your mission, vision and values are difficult or impossible to articulate.  You had a strategy at the beginning of the year, but you don’t think you have done any work toward it because you are so busy.  You need an action plan for the second half of the year, but don’t know where to start.  I know I can be doing so much better!

 Don't worry, the year is not lost!

 In this Mid-Year Goal Check-In we will get you back in touch with your goals, take action, and turn your vision into a reality so that you can achieve your best year of business and personal growth yet!

We will talk about the 3 critical errors you might be making that are keeping you stuck, doubtful, disconnected and burnt out, why it is so important to understand how these are holding you back, and how you can begin to apply a new perspective with an easy to use goal planning tool that will get you clear and make the 2nd half of the year a massive success.

Interested?  Save your spot for this Mid-Year Goal Check-In workshop today!  It's FREE