Intro To Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a vital tool today for any business or digital venture. It can be leveraged multiple ways to gain understanding of a website’s performance, customer behavior, and identifying opportunities.
Whether you are new to data analytics, new to using Google Analytics, or need to learn more about leveraging your current Google Analytics account, this event is for you!
This high impact session is designed to give you an understanding of how you can report on site performance by looking at website traffic, content, users, and conversions.
Learn about the basics of data collection and verify that your website is collecting data correctly. Time to start looking at your business with data and analytics!


  • Intro
  • Understanding Data

We’ll start with a background in data analysis and the many benefits for the modern business.

  • Google Analytics Setup

You’ll learn how to properly setup your account, tracking ID, and ensure your site is setup for success.

  • Audience Reports

You’ll understand your website visitors – geographics, device usage, and user engagement.

  • Acquisition Reports

You’ll get an overview of the different types of traffic and channels that bring users to your site.

  • Behavior Reports

You’ll learn about the content on your site and how it performs.

  • Conversion Reports

You’ll learn about different types of goals, setting up goals, and learning how to measure key performance indicators.

  • Q&A 
  • End 

Presented by Zack Olson, The Marketing Ref