Leader Offsite: Getting Unstuck - Creating your 2020 Business Roadmap

OVERVIEW: It’s almost 2020. Do you know where your business goals are? If you are crystal clear on what’s next, congratulations! If, like the other 99% of us, you are feeling stuck and could use a bit more precision, this planning session is for you.

WHO: Ideal for start-ups, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, small businesses and the teams that support them.Best for those who currently gross under $250k annually and know they can do much, much more.Industry agnostic.

WHAT: In this 90-minute event, we will roll up our sleeves and begin creating our own 2020 strategic roadmaps with fresh goals, measurable objectives, and accountable action plans.

HOW: We will talk about the 3 critical errors we might be making that are keeping us stuck, doubtful, disconnected and burnt out, why it is so important to understand how these are holding us back.We will leave with the start of our 2020 plans, and easy to use planning tools that will create clarity and make 2020 our best year yet.

WHY: In my experience 7 out of 10 new business owners I talk to don't have a solid plan.If we don’t have a plan, we are most likely reacting to things around us instead of intentionally creating the success we deserve.We are struggling about where the next client or contract will come from, and we waste so many resources and time staying stuck instead of creating demand.These challenges can easily be solved by having a plan for what we want to do, how we want to do it, and by when.This enables us to get further, faster and predict more of our future where our vision comes to life.

RECOMMENDATIONS: To make these 90-minutes even more effective for yourself, please bring or have access to your current business plan and your businesses financials.Please bring a colleague! Attend with your leadership team or business partners so that you can begin brainstorming together right away.

Presented by Kate Dowling of Kate Dowling Strategic Consulting