Smart Cities Social - Saint Paul, MN.

As civic digital technologies become more and more common and business and citizens start demanding these services, we have an opportunity pull together a community around Smart City technology. We can begin to think strategically about how to transform our urban areas into better places to live and work.

Please join us for an evening of meeting others working in or fascinated with the ideas and technologies behind Smart Cities.  Saint Paul and our region is a leader in the technologies driving Cities to become more efficient, safer, and simply better places to live.  On top of it all, we’ll be meeting in one of the smartest buildings in the metro area - the Wellworth coworking space at 428 Minnesota Street in Saint Paul.

We hope to bring leaders from business, the community and government to find ways these services can come online in the region in a fast and robust way.

The goal for this happy hour is simply to begin a dialogue around Smart City tech in Saint Paul and our region. Throughout 2019 we will have ongoing opportunities to connect and collaborate on ideas.

We would be honored if you’d join us to begin this broader discussion.

This happy hour is brought to you by the Knight Foundation, the Saint Paul Downtown Alliance and Wellworth.