Journaling for Your Business or Passion Project: Gain Clarity on Money, Relationships, and Your Precious Time

Quick, which phrase jumps out at you when I say journaling for business owners: fluffy distraction or vital tactic? Well, I have a true confession for you. If I’d stuck to my habit of journaling, I’m convinced I’d have avoided a misstep that turned out to be the biggest regret of my first full year as a solopreneur. 

So, what about you? As a business owner, which things can make or break your day? For me, the answers have little to do with the tactical stuff. Instead, I’ve discovered you can’t succeed in self-employment unless you’re clear on who you are. If you work for someone else but have embarked on a passion project, the same goes for you, too.

This hands-on Lunch and Learn will teach you one of my best tools for gaining clarity: journaling. We’ll focus on three of the gnarliest barriers I navigated during my first year as a full-time business owner: money, relationships, and time.

During this workshop, you’ll create three journal pages designed to help you stay grounded while getting things done. Each prompt helps you identify priorities, see possibility, or take action. This is not about perfection. Come as you are, ready to dream and play.

Suzi Hunn is an Instructional Strategist whose company Teach Your Thing helps small-business owners--wait for it--teach their thing. Through live trainings or online courses, her clients find new ways to reach their audience through education. After enjoying 15 years at the Minnesota Historical Society as a curriculum writer and workshop facilitator, she became captivated by entrepreneurship. Now, she loves combining the best of these worlds.

What You’ll Get:

  • Catered lunch; gluten-free, dairy-free, and meat-free options will be provided
  • Instruction on three clarification prompts, which you’ll tailor to your business or passion project
  • Permission to slow down and consider what matters to you (everyone else need not apply)
  • Encouragement about the critical importance of self-awareness
  • For each journal page, a story about a challenge I faced--along with strategy for how I addressed it
  • The chance to connect with fellow badasses

Journal Pages You’ll Write:

  • Rethink Your Views on Money
  • Before You Say Yes, Decide: Opportunity or Obligation?
  • Navigating Your Business or Project with Family & Friends

Who Is this Class For?

  • Business owners who need to take care of themselves while getting things done
  • Dreamers who want to bring their side project to the next level (or take the first step)
  • Those who prefer digital tools for capturing ideas AND old-school types who prefer paper journals. Format doesn’t matter.

What if I don’t have a journal? Can I bring my own?

  • If you already have a journal and prefer to bring it, please do!
  • If you don’t have one,  a starter journal will be provided

Fee: $15 (includes lunch)