Understand Business Insurance Like a Boss!

Understand Business Insurance Like a Boss!

  • I’m just starting out, I have no clients, why do I need insurance?
  • I co-op office space, a fire, theft, flooding occurs that is not my fault, is my policy responsible and what happens to my premium?
  • My client and fell on his way into my space, am I covered?

Insurance isn’t sexy, it can feel complicated and overwhelming, however, without the proper coverage catastrophic loss is possible. 

With a combined 30+ years of industry experience, Olia Heinecke and Marcia McKinney have the necessary qualifications, understanding  and expertise to serve your unique insurance needs.  

Insurance is not a one size fits all…launching a business takes courage, vision and fortitude - running a business takes grit, stamina and commitment.   As you continue to focus on growth and perfecting your products and services – we focus on protecting what you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Grab a bag lunch and join us as we walk you through the basics of business insurance along with topics like:

  • cyber liability
  • loss of business income
  • what the heck is a COI

Your time and money are at a premium!  Understand the what, where, why and how of business insurance like a boss!