Google Analytics Training for Beginners

The Marketing Ref presents Google Analytics training for Beginners or Advanced users. Attend one or both sessions on March 7th and 8th in St. Paul, MN at the brand new WellWorth CoWorking site.

Session 1: Introduction to Google Analytics - Thursday, March 7th - 9AM-12PM

Session 2: Advanced Google Analytics - Friday, March 8th - 9AM-12PM

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Overview of Introduction to Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a vital tool today for any business or digital venture. It can be leveraged multiple ways to gain understanding of a website’s performance, customer behavior, and identifying opportunities. 
In this 3 hour workshop we’ll walk thru how to properly setup an account, implement tracking code for your website, and configure data filters. You'll learn how to navigate the Google Analytics interface while locating and reading the reports you need. This session will also demonstrate how to analyze basic Audience, Acquisition, and Behavior reports, while also showing how to set up goals and track your campaigns.
Date: Thursday, March 7th, 9AM-12PM (3 hours)


  • Introductions
  • Why Digital Analytics
    • We’ll start with a quick background in data analysis and the many benefits for the connected economy.
  • Google Analytics Setup
    • You’ll learn how to properly setup your account, tracking ID, and ensure your site is setup for success and properly collecting data.
  • Audience Reports
    • You’ll understand your website visitors – geographics, device usage, and user engagement.
  • Acquisition Reports
    • You’ll get an overview of the different types of traffic and channels that bring users to your site.
    • What’s working and what’s not and how to tell the difference.
  • Behavior Reports
    • You’ll learn about the content on your site and how it performs.
    • Look at the customer journey and where opportunity exists.
  • Goals & Campaigns
    • You’ll learn about different types of goals, setting up goals, and learning how to measure key performance indicators.
    • Whether you use Facebook, Email, or paid Ads we’ll walk thru how to measure campaign performance with Google Analytics.
  • Q&A and Networking with PROVIDED LUNCH!



Overview of Advanced Google Analytics

For users already leveraging Google Analytics or attended the Introduction to Google Analytics session. Step up your marketing and business analytical skills while discovering how to maximize Google Analytics to it's potential. We’ll cover advanced reporting, segmentation, custom reporting, attribution modeling, Google Tag Manager, and much more.
Date: Friday, March 8th, 9AM-12PM (3 hours)


  • Introductions
  • Measurement Strategy
    • We'll step thru creating a proper guide for what's being measured and why so your team can build consistent practices.
    • You'll also be provided a sample measurement framework that you can use and build from.
  • Segmentation
    • Identify the actionable insights of your data by leveraging pre-built segements or creating your own.
  • Customization
    • How to make Google Analytics truly unique and fit to your goals and needs. Custom filters, content groupings, dashboards, dimensions, and metrics so you can measure exactly what you want.
  • Advanced Reporting
    • We'll dig deeper into the Audience, Behavior, and Acquistion reports to show richer results and insights.
  • Google Tag Manager
    • We'll walk thru the GTM interface and how to use this powerful tool to manage and implement your tracking and tags.
  • Advanced Conversions
    • Going beyond basic goal and conversion tracking, we'll look at multi-channel funnels, assisted conversions by channel, and ecommerce tracking.
  • Q&A and Networking with PROVIDED LUNCH!


I’ll be available for one-on-ones on both days following the sessions to help with any unique or specific questions attendees may have and give you indiviudalized attention.

Anyone attending 1 or both of the Google Analytics sessions is welcome to work at Wellworth for the day as our guests. 

Save $50 by registering for both sessions!