Forge North at Wellworth
For those of you who don't know what Forge North is or what they do, Forge North is made up of a coalition of partners with wide networks all committed to the the health and sustainability of startups in Minnesota.  Forge North believes that Minnesota is truly the best place to start ventures, solve problems and scale impact. 

So why is this important and how can they help you? 
Connections! We have so many incredible resources, opportunities and mentors throughout the region, but getting connected is about who you know, so it can be hard to tap into and access everything that exists.  I will typically ask for a brief elevator pitch on their company, ask a few questions to understand your team/stage and then dive right into questions to better understand where you are at and what you might need next. Examples: What is currently your biggest struggle? What is most critical to your success in the next 1/6/12 months?
Forge North is committed to growing the entrepreneurial ecosystem.  They are beginning a new initiative to help local entrepreneurs get connected with the right resources so they can make greater impact. Do you need help with a grant? Who can you reach out to for mentorship or to open the right doors to the right people? Forge North can help guide you and connect you with resources that you need.  
Wellworth will be hosting the next Forge North office day with Meg Steuer on Friday, March 15th
Join us for breakfast from 9-10 and plan to work from Wellworth for the day before and after your meeting with Meg. 

Email us a time that works for you to meet with Meg on Friday!