Imperfectionist In Training - Presented by Kimber Sullivan

Imperfectionist in Training

Abandoning Perfection

Come hear one Perfectionist’s story of how she recognized, wrestled with, and ultimately abandoned perfection as an achievable standard and found peace, joy and strength in imperfection.

Understand the tools and insights she used to make the arduous transition, and pick some up for yourself.  Or, if you don’t wrestle with perfection, find out what it’s like so you can better support the adorable-yet-self-tortured perfectionists that are all around us.

Session Details

These sessions are setup in a Pause, Listen, See, Move framework: 

  • Pause – Take time out of your normal place and pace
  • Listen – Expect approximately 45 minutes of instruction
  • See – Focus on your personal insights in solo reflection or re-group at the close of the day
  • Move – Take on one or more challenges to complete in your every day

 Speaker Bio:

Kimber Sullivan has a passion to encourage and embolden people to take on bigger, bolder, better missions in life and has been doing so for the past 20 years as a Senior Program Manager for clients from startups to Fortune 500 companies.  Kimber specializes in organizational culture change fueled by strategic technology implementations. 

Furthering her mission, she speaks to all variety of groups in the Twin Cities – from training sessions to workshops to weekend retreats.  In late 2018, Kimber started True., Inc. and became a business owner – taking her consulting, teaching and speaking into bigger, bolder, better realms.